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Pharmacy Storage Racks Manufacturer in Delhi, Pharmacy Storage Racks Supplier in Delhi, Pharmacy Storage Racks in Delhi. Rackly Craft indicates that the amount of floor and wall space available in an average veterinary practice is significantly smaller than that of the average pharmacy. Just like pharmacists, vets are expected to stock an increasing number of drugs with a limited amount of space available to store them.

More storage, less space
The angled retractable shelves and unique product dividers ensures that the Rackly Craft units are able to store and make easily available more veterinary product lines than traditional shelving at the same time taking up less wall and floor space.
It is now possible for vets to stock the same range of products in less space, or more importantly store more product lines with the current available space.

Easy to install
Rackly Craft has been designed to be easy to install and requires only a basic knowledge of simple DIY techniques to have the system up and running in no time. You can view our installation video to see for yourself how easy pharmashelve plus is to install in the smallest veterinary practice.

Clean and easy to maintain
Rackly Craft is easy to clean and the removable product dividers, the removable shelves and the removable clear front slats ensures that dust build up can be avoided and the whole storage system kept clean and hygienic.